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Emotional Intelligence Training

You Have The IQ. How About Your EQ? (1/2 day)

This is a dynamic, intellectually-stimulating and fast-paced workshop. You will walk away with a high level understanding of the science behind emotional intelligence, as well as a toolkit for increasing your EQ.

  • Boost your self-awareness in three critical areas of success
  • Acquire powerful tools for self-mastery
  • Gain practical strategies and insights to improve your workplace relationships

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (1 day). Also available as a 2-day version, or an intensive 3-day retreat)

"I think all leaders of the company and the executive leaders should come to this workshop facilitated by Bruna. She was one of the best facilitators I have had. Her humour was hilarious and so unexpected and fit everywhere it was used. She knew her  topic expertly and kept it lively and very interesting throughout two pleasurable days, with lots of practical ideas."

–Kelly Hogan, Branch Manager, First Calgary Savings

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Myers-Briggs Training

Gain Powerful and Useful Insight into Your Own and Others' Behaviors in the Workplace

"Thank you for this excellent workshop! I have learned much and got a lot of answers about myself and how others think or react and why."

–Simona Doaga, QA, McKesson Medical Imaging

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Our approach to Myers-Briggs® training goes beyond a surface use of the MBTI assessment, i.e. considering only the four letters representing type and a few predicted behaviours that can be gleaned by reading a good book on the MBTI. Our advanced training has equipped us to deliver corporate workshops that produce powerful insights into the dynamics of teams and entire organizations. We explore the complexities of type by using novel experiential activities, bringing the effectiveness of ROPES (Reality Oriented Personal Experiences) to your indoor setting to provide direct experiences of the impact of type on your teams and to help individuals see how type affects teamwork. Our workshops use a balanced approach of theory and practice. 

  • The MBTI Assessment is completed online, at your convenience. During the workshop you will receive a comprehensive, written report.
  • After the workshop, you will also receive the digital copy of your report to help you remember your type for life.
  • Workshop materials go way beyond one booklet —participants walk away with a comprehensive handbook and several useful "Type" booklets that deepen the learning.
  • Nothing is "off the shelf." Each workshop is customized to the client's particular challenges and needs.
  • Workshops are fast-paced, highly interactive, intellectually engaging, and fun.
  • Intact teams receive a Team Type Analysis, with personalized recommendations for improving team effectiveness.


We offer a number of Myers-Briggs® workshops as well as learning events at off-site retreats. Below are two examples:


Team Building and Myers-Briggs®


This workshop helps individuals understand their MBTI® profile and the relationship of that profile to their contributions and effectiveness as a team member. It is a powerful tool for enhancing team work and helping team members explore and resolve interpersonal conflicts by understanding stylistic differences and their impact on others. Because the MBTI is a positive tool of discovery, the workshop results in a sprit of appreciation for each others' differences.

For intact teams, we analyze the distribution of types in the team and provide a personalized TEAM TYPE ANALYSIS, that includes practical tips and strategies for improving communication and effectiveness.

  • Complete their own MBTI® assessment online, prior to the workshop.
  • Learn to recognize the different approaches of team members.
  • Discover how to accommodate stylistic differences and how best to work with others.
  • Learn how to be more effective in communicating with different types.
  • Apply type to common team processes and challenges such as dealing with conflict, and managing stress.
  • Consider possible blind spots and ways to overcome these.
  • Discover how to connect type to the project management process and how to benefit from this knowledge.
  • Know how their type leads innovation and how to use the strengths of other types in the innovation process.
  • Use type to expand their leadership abilities.
  • Gain a clear understanding of their combined team type and its implications on teamwork.
  • Participate in experiential activities that deepen learning.
  • Leave with a toolbox of hands-on, practical strategies that can be applied right away.

1 day

To bring this workshop into your organization, contact Bruna Martinuzzi.

Understand Yourself and Others
An Introductory Myers-Briggs® Workshop

"The course was very thorough, well organized, humorous and grounded in research. I learned a lot about how team members' personality types affect interpersonal relationships. Learned how I can develop myself to be a more effective leader without compromising personal style or values. So much information was also provided in the form of take-home booklets that I can refer back to when the need occurs."

–Participant, Certified General Accountants

This workshop is for individuals who want to discover their MBTI® type and use the information for personal and professional growth. It is useful for organizations who want to train general staff from different functional areas, who are not necessarily attending as an intact team or plant workers. In this fast-paced, interactive session, you will understand the way you prefer to look at the world, how you process information and make decisions, how you communicate and the impact of your communication stylein short, how to understand yourself better and what strategies you can adopt to make the most of your natural gifts.

  • Complete the online MBTI® Assessment, prior to the workshop.
  • Increase self-understanding by understanding your personality preferences in key areas.
  • See how others may view you.
  • Explore your non-preferred functions for self-development.
  • Appreciate the types different from you.
  • Gain strategies to enhance your communication with your boss, peers, direct reports and customers.
  • How to use knowledge of your personality type to help you cope with change and strengthen your resilience.
  • Participate in experiential activities that deepen learning.
  • Leave with many useful tips on how you can use awareness of your type to be more effective in how you manage yourself and how you deal with others.

1 day

To discuss how this workshop would be customized to meet the particular needs of your team, contact Bruna Martinuzzi.

Leadership Training

Using The Leadership Practices Inventory To Measure and Grow Your Leadership Skills

(1/2 day session)

"I found the feedback from managers and direct reports plus the practical guidelines from videos and stories very helpful to get us started in the right direction. Bruna is very knowledgeable in subject matter and takes a personal interest in seeing that we succeed."

–Bon Marasigan, ACL Services, Director of I.S.

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The Leadership Challenge Workshop

(1 and 2 day versions.)

Please email Bruna Martinuzzi for brochure.