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Presentation and Communication Skills

Exceptional! This course is an investment that is well worth it. Every team member can relate to this and apply this learning. Bruna was super and understanding of the leadership challenges in both speaking and how we are perceived.

–Mecdi Elkhater, Microsoft Saudi Arabia

A great holistic approach to the leader's voice. Very strong leader, had our attention 99% of the time and flexible to adapt the time allocated to the different sessions as required.

–Ali Ferling, Microsoft United Arab Emirates

This course has been the most fruitful management training that I have ever participated in.

–Nanna Louise Linde, Microsoft Northern Europe and Benelux

Definitely worth the investment of time and money. Taught an old dog some new tricks... Bruna was/is one of the best facilitators/presenters I have ever been with. Engaging without being trite. A lot of substance and held the group for 2 full days.

–Sean Warren, Microsoft Dallas

The Leader's Voice is an immersive experience that truly improves your ability to communicate in an effective and structured way, touching the heart and the mind of your audience. Bruna has been great! I loved the way she managed the class, the interactions and the powerful insights. I learned a lot.

–Riccardo Sponza, Microsoft Milan

Inspirational speaking is not an accident – it's not a born-talent. It is a skill with very defined practices and protocols. Everyone who is in a position of influencing others should take this course. Bruna was very well organized, very passionate about her role and the opportunity to work with us.

–Dan Kasun, Microsoft New York City

Just excellent! More than the benefits of the workshop, these two days were an immersion to reflect about not only my own voice but how to bring other people's voices into the room. The facilitator has an exceptional voice – she crafted every word and experience like pieces of a master work of art!

–Ana Gamborena, Microsoft Latin America Headquarters

This is a great course. Amazing, useful from minute one! It will help you to improve your skill from the moment she starts talking. And you won't forget the material because of the way it is presented. I got a lot of tactical tips that I want to implement immediately. I know it will improve my leadership skills right away.

–Tatiana Ospina, Microsoft Madrid

Exceptional workshop. Every leader needs this!

–Mercy Gardiner, Microsoft East Africa

I enjoyed these 2 days having seen myself in a mirror, having realized that I could work on my personality and have got many ideas where I can improve. Bruna was absolutely great, highly experienced and competent; was great to have her these 2 days.

–Christroph Krankl, Microsoft Austria

This training was the best hands-on practice for upgrading my leadership skill toolbox. Love the trainer, Bruna Martinuzzi.

–Mikhail Fedorov, Microsoft Paris

Very good investment to make. I clearly benefited and the instructor (Bruna) was very engaging and dynamic.

–Tareq Higazi, Microsoft United Arab Emirates

I can make this very applicable to my every-day life! Fantastic job, Bruna. One of the best teachings I have attended. We stayed focused.

–Mike Torti, Microsoft Raleigh-Durham

On our leadership journey, we encounter many courses, seminars and ideas. The Leader's Voice brings together great content that will enable us to take the next step on this journey. Bruna has a good stage presence for delivery of the content. Kept us all engaged and motivated.

–Bruce Hildyard, Microsoft Ireland

The Leader's Voice workshop certainly opened my eyes to potential opportunities to communicate more effectively and lead my team. Bruna was engaging and clearly passionate about the content.

–Stephen Kennedy, Microsoft, UK

Excellent! This course is mind-changing and necessary. Bruna is a fabulous leader. Authentic, listening, open and involving.

–Bo Drejer, Microsoft Denmark

The Leader's Voice workshop is both a powerful toolset and also an inspiration. This course is very valuable for the spirit and practical. I will depart the course a better presenter, a stronger leader with renewed spirit. Bruna gives her heart to her work and couples that with a fantastic wealth of knowledge; her stories are engaging and relevant.

–Nina Sundberg, Microsoft UK

Bruna was amazing in her ability to engage with each participant in the class in a non-intimidating fashion – she was absolutely great. She has excellent tutoring skills. Great workshop.

–Desmond Nair, Microsoft Gulf

Two days of investment to give me a lifetime of credible leadership voice.

–Mark Fenna, Microsoft UK

Finally, I understood some secrets behind great leadership and why a great leader can really make a positive difference. Bruna, you're a wonderful teacher. You walk the talk.

–Susanne Viczian, Microsoft Germany

I really enjoyed Bruna's presentation style and I learned a lot just from studying her way of interaction with the audience. The Leader's Voice seminar will help me become a better speaker and, with that, a better leader.

–Leif Sunesson, Microsoft Amsterdam

Top class. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Turned a heavy topic into digestible pieces – each with different flavours.

–Tomas Frimmel, Microsoft, Sweden

Bruna has a terrific rapport with people. She's first class. A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable course and I leave having learned a lot.

–Orla Cunningham, Microsoft Ireland

Bruna was a great tacher/facilitator/coach. She had a fantastic delivery style and reinforced the teaching with personal examples which really hit home.

–Chris Bunio, Microsoft Turkey

Superior course. Bruna created the right climate to follow the program; lots of different tools to explain the concept.

–Javier Fernandez Cabezas, Microsoft Madrid

Bruna was a very energetic leader, with a strong knowledge, experience and professionalism that she showed us. It has been a pleasure having her as a program leader at our conference and I would recommend her anytime.

–Laurent Danican, Microsoft France

Bruna was an excellent credible presenter. A wonderful course which will change the way I communicate going forward. Thank you!

–Jon Greville, Microsoft France

Inspiring, high energy person. I think she is great in providing positive feedback and connecting the dots.

–Hjalmar Vosselman, Microsoft Netherlands

Very good, powerful statement and excellent reference materials provided by the program leader. Amazing Bruna!

–Kunle Awosika, Microsoft Nigeria

Bruna is authentic, respectful, senior, professional, experienced, valuable! The seminar was just another 2 days of working for her – but a big step for my development. A small step for Bruna – a big step for my career.

–Michael Noesges, Microsoft Switzerland

Professional, entertaining, authentic! Yes, a leader's voice is trainable!

–Richard de Goederen, Microsoft Netherlands

Exceptional course. You could see Bruna had put work into researching the audience (geography and organization.) Kept our attention.

–Helen Putland, Microsoft UK

Our words have impact and this course has increased my ability to deliver them. Very impressive and knowledgeable course leader.

–Stephen Seed, Microsoft UK

Amazing seminar, best I have ever been so far. Thank you. Great presenter, demonstrated theory in practice.

–Antonis Plataniotis, Microsoft Greece

Great facilitator. Bruna was spectacular! This course made me very "self-aware" of my existing practices of leadership.

–Paul Brunelle, Northlands

Exceptional course. You demonstrated what you teach!

–Maria Kovalenko, Microsoft Russian Federation

Extremely inspiring journey. For me, it's not just a seminar but an experience. Great coach – so many good examples from real life.

–Viola Tittelbach, Microsoft Stuttgart.

Bruna is a very experienced coach and I feel her energy when she talks about the material. Business acumen! Best facilitator in this series.

–Peng Huang, Microsoft China

Excellent trainer. Clear presentation and kept the audience engaged for the two full days.

–Edward Un, Microsoft China

A fantastic experience I recommend to any manager! She did a great job in teaching the large body of material and making the points stick.

–Ch. Schaetz, Microsoft

I hadn't fully appreciated the power of stories and symbols until this course. Bruna is a great guide to showing us the wonderful ways that our words can lead and move people. Thank you for helping me to become a better leader and person!

–Annemarie Duffy, Microsoft UK

A very valuable use of 2 days. I cannot think of a better use of my team to move my development plan forward. Bruna made me think. I love her style and passion.

–Caroline Smith, Microsoft UK

To inspire others through communication takes learning and practice, and it is important to building a successful career. Thank you for helping me learn this skill. Bruna rocks. She is a terrific speaker. Articulate, cultured, humorous, and extremely knowledgeable.

–Francois D., Microsoft

This was the best course I have participated in. Bruna was an excellent leader. She kept us involved and engaged.

–Todd Young, Microsoft, Seattle

I really was not consciously aware of the power of the story giver in communication. Now it's so obvious and I can't wait to get back to work and start implementing what I've learned. Bruna was engaging, kind, authentically interested in us. Wonderful teacher.

–Elona Tuomi, Microsoft Italy

This seminar was amazing. I found passion in myself and for my company and its purpose and am a more hopeful participant in my company's future. Bruna is a fabulous, passionate teacher and leader. She obviously believes strongly and loves what she teaches.

–Stephanie Young, Tass, Inc.

Bruna, you are a powerhouse and very inspiring as a leader and teacher. I now have a renewed perspective and new tools to leverage in my leadership. Of all the training programs, leadership is one of the most difficult to teach. This course focused on the soft skills, the human part of the business world that is often neglected in careers and corporations. Highly recommended.

–Jeff Forbes, Telvent

This is a very valuable course for all leaders whether they are at the beginning of their leadership career or well along the journey. Bruna was very engaging, well prepared and created a safe environment within which to learn so that we could all benefit as much as possible from the course. Thank you so much Bruna!

–Blain Vaneyk, Manager, Business Objects

This is most certainly the most powerful training I've ever attended. Bruna was superb - totally focused - literate - constantly kept it fresh and fun.

–John Gudmundson, Director, Fortinet

Exceptional course. I could tell as I was excited to come back to day 2! Outstanding, wonderful soothing style of the facilitator.

–Atul Nanda, Manager, Sr. Manager, Technical Customer Assurance, Business Objects

Bruna was awesome! She ensured we were always engaged and interacting. We even saw one very shy participant come out of his shell largely due to her prompting.

–Diana Milledge, Manager, Business Objects

Bruna is an amazing facilitator who works magic on participants and brings out the best in them.

–Vijay Ranganathan, Manager, Inventure

Bruna is a very skilled leader with a lot of real world experience!

–Peter Martens, Manager, Inventure

I enjoyed all of it but the section on metaphors and symbols was the most interesting to me. This will help with my presentations. Bruna is a great facilitator.

–Carl Stewart, President, Dominion Construction

Bruna –I can't say enough!! You are constantly speaking from the heart and sharing your depth of knowledge. The trusting environment in all f your courses is a result of your efforts and communication style.

–Bryan Balmer, Manager, Terasen Gas

Exceptional workshop. Bruna is a great facilitator, very engaged, genuine and energetic. Great examples, multi-media, wasn't bored.

–Melissa McRae, Director, Simon Fraser MBA Program

Superior workshop. Bruna was very genuine in delivering the messages and course materials. She successfully got through all of the materials, without rushing –well done! Managed the group dynamics very well.

–Brenda Bergseid, Manager, Boeing Inc.

Bruna did a wonderful job of building connection with and between participants. Clearly presented material enthusiastically and with passion.

–Kirk Hill, Executive Director, Simon Fraser MBA Program

This workshop was exceptional. It will impact my approach to leadership tremendously. Not only did it validate some of the leadership qualities I have but it taught me many ways to incorporate new techniques in my presentation style. Bruna used many examples when describing the different channels. She kept all of us engaged over the 2 days.

–Toni Andreda, Manager, Canadian Cancer Society

Exceptional event. Bruna was excellent. Powerful speaker in a quiet way. Great examples - metaphors, symbols, visuals, how to put it all into context.

–Kimberly Tate, Director, Four Seasons Whistler Resort

Spectacular! Bruna provided a great mix of activities, the pace was just right. This will help me craft more interesting and successful communication. Invite some of my peers to attend!

–Debbie Caulfield, Manager, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

I enjoyed the opportunity to work with a great instructor and a wonderful group of like-minded people. Bruna's knowledge is outstanding. Also her ability to demonstrate the skills through her own presentation is inspiring. This workshop has given me much greater awareness of the ability that we have to make a real difference to our own staff and clients.

–Brian Kipp, President, SDS Software

Superior workshop. Found the use of symbolism and emotion in communication very useful. Also effectiveness of personalizing communication. Excellent facilitator - very knowledgeable.

–Doug Grieve, Director, Imperial Parking

Format, content and framework are very good. Bruna is excellent. This workshop will help me think through and plan my communications more carefully.

–Lisa Andrews, Manager, Corbis

Bruna is a wonderful person and a fantastic leader. She is able to touch everyone's heart and bring out the best of everyone at the workshop. I will be able to practice what I learned here not only at work but in my personal life as well.

–Mitra Salimi, SFU MBA

The blend between theory and practice is excellent. Bruna, you are wonderful! This will bring more consciousness about communication structures.

–Isabelle Clements, Senior Manager, Business Objects

Bruna: this is in the top 1-2 % of workshops I've attended. You are an incredible facilitator. Many thanks for sharing your talents.

–Dr. Stephen Arneric, Neuromed

Bruna has been one of the most engaging presenters I've had the opportunity to observe. Very knowledgeable with tremendous level of experience.

–Dr. Mac Parmar, Neuromed

Bruna is a charismatic, charming and enthusiastic presenter. She brought the material to life and kept up the interest throughout the course. Good job!

–Dr. Richard Holland, Neuromed

Excellent workshop. As the facilitator was an excellent presenter, I was able to learn by example.

–Dr. David Parker, Neuromed

Bruna made everyone feel comfortable, she required everyone to really participate. I feel that this session will have an important and lasting impact on Neuromed. Bruna is dynamite in every regard. Extremely effective and very interesting to interact with - pace was excellent.

–Joan Jones, Human Resources Director, Neuromed

A wonderful session.  It was so well received from our group that the buzz is still traveling throughout our facilities. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

–Balkiz Sarihan, VP, Organizational Development, Acrohelipro

Great job! I feared a slick talk or superficial strategy approach. This holistic, human, pragmatic and even spiritual approach was enlightening.

–Eric Ladizinsky, Physicist, D:Wave, The Quantum Computing Company

This workshop was an excellent experience! It surpassed my expectations.

–Dr. Geordie Rose, Founder and CTO, D:Wave, The Quantum Computing Company

The course was well varied and really held my attention. Bruna really led by example and I felt I was able to absorb the lessons throughout the day. It was a pleasant surprise to learn so much.

–Murray Thom, Research Engineer, D:Wave, The Quantum Computing Company

Incredible workshop. The tools are invaluable and the hands-on approach and feedback powerful.

–Maria Mura, Branch Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

Your session was the #1 rated breakout session. Congrats! (BC HRMA 2012 Conference)

–Quinne Davey, Business Development Project Manager

If you want to improve your confidence in the area of public speaking, I highly recommend attending this course. Bruna has a wonderful, warm and energetic approach. Everyone benefited greatly from the time spent in this class.

–Kevin O'Rourke, Vice President, Westminster Savings Credit Union

This was a great and valuable use of my time!

–Diane Alfredson, Senior Branch Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

Excellent workshop. I recommend this workshop to anyone, at any age as it is empowering! Feedback was clear and positive, good pace, very interactive.

–Carole Ward, Branch Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

Thank you! I was not expecting to get so much from this 1 day workshop. I coudl have gone to 25 others and not got the complete package.

–Maria Valley, Senior Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

Bruna engaged us, stimulated our minds and opened a lot of doors and windows. She was fantastic. As a confessed "fidgeter", I was focused the entire day! She allowed for everyone's personalities without losing control over the group.

–Amber Elliot, Manager, McKesson Medical Imaging

Great workshop! A huge thank you for keeping our group focused and on task while giving us all valuable tools to helps during future presentations.

–Sarah Kelly, QLT Inc.

Lots of tips and useful instructions. Great visual aids and tools to engage the audience. The practice presentations were so helpful. Bruna was extremely knowledgeable and practices what she preaches. This was a fantastic workshop, well worth attending.

–Cristene Gonzales, McKesson Medical Imaging

Bruna was fabulous. She has so much knowledge on this topic and I learned so much. Thank you, Bruna. It was such a great workshop. I know everyone really enjoyed themselves.

–Lynn Menzies, Sales Manager, Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Bruna was an excellent facilitator. She truly listened to what I wanted to learn/experience from the course and made the entire two day course very interactive. I was never bored and wanted to learn more. Her presence is very balanced and her tone is so calm. Excellent!

–Haumi Suzuki, Catering Sales Manager, Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

It was an excellent learning situation. Bruna - you are a great speaker and instructor!

–Sandy Eaton, Catering Manager, Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Great course. I wished I took it earlier. Everyone should take this.

–Jason Chow, Teligence

Fabulous and engaging material. Instructor was knowledgeable and conflident and relayed the material to reflect real life examples. Excellent!

–Nazgol, Teligence

Bruna was great. Highly recommend anyone to take this course.

–Rob Fisher, Teligence

I highly recomment this course to even seasoned presenters. I will look for other courses offered by Bruna. She does an excellent job and covers useful material, provides excellent tips, techniques and resources.

–Lisa Hamazala

The instructor was highly skilled and gave us relevant material. A great balance of theory, tips and learning by doing. Handouts are great. I will definitely use them in the future. I recommend this course to all levels of associates.

–Miranda, Teligence

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this workshop. The skills learned will be invaluable. Bruna is a fantastic presenter. I am so impressed with this experience.

–Workshop Participant, McKesson Canada

Instructor was excellent. References, book and material provided are beyond ordinary (in an awesome way!)

–Workshop Participant, McKesson Canada

Bruna is excellent at conveying her message and making the group feel at ease!

–Jennifer Hayes, Sales Manager, Tourism Vancouver

Excellent — extremely valuable information conveyed. Bruna and Cheryl are truly experts and masters at presentation skills.

–Wendy Surkan, Manager, Sales Manager, Tourism Vancouver

I look forward to seeing this workshop offered throughout the Corporation. Thank you!

–Donna Milner, Manager of Human Resource Development, Tourism British Columbia

Extremely applicable to my professional responsibilities and I look forward to exercising these new ideas and strategies in my future presentations.

–Matthew Coyne, Manager, Sport Tourism, Tourism Vancouver

I attended Bruna's seminar and thoroughly enjoyed it. The content was excellent and Bruna's light-hearted and energetic presentation style was right on target. This was a great experience that I don't hesitate to recommend.

–Jose Aleman , Director of Product Marketing, Norsat International

Bruna, you were fantastic! The information you presented was useful and helpful. Your skills and knowledge are very evident and are conveyed easily. The whole presentation was great. Thank you for the experience.

–Karen Dick, Advertising and Publications, Tourism British Columbia

Bruna is an accomplished speaker! Her style of presentation ensures that all participants are involved and benefit from the material being covered.

–Len Ganetsky, Director of Products, BK Entertainment.

Great class! Excellent tools to use in developing my presentations.

–Sharlie Niessen, London Drugs

Very interesting. Good, constructive feedback during practice. A lot of tips. No improvements are required!

–Jim Skinner, General Manager, H.R. London Drugs

I have been to many courses like this. This one was by far the best. Thank you.

–Nancy Viney, Manager, Northern Health

Very worthwhile. Thanks so much. I love the spirit and energy you put into this course

–Steve Nagoski, Software Developer, Business Objects

There was no "least useful" components to this workshop! Thank you very much for your knowledge transfer. It will always be useful for me in my career.

–Lourdes Canton Montagner, Software Developer, Business Objects

High quality training!

–Bogdan Hapca, Software Developer, Business Objects

I found this day a very good use of my time and I feel that I will be better prepared for my presentations.

–Jane Vincent, Software Developer, Business Objects

Thank you for the energy you brought. The day went too quickly. Very well prepared and executed.

–Sinead Kaiya, Software Developer, Business Objects

Fantastic knowldge - your skills and information were presented in a professonal manner all the time. This workshop will impact my approach to presenting in a very positive manner. Just a great course!!

–Ron Liwosky, Manager, Canada Border Services Agency

Bruna is a wonderful presenter. Used examples and activities to reinforce topics. This is the first workshop in years to hold my attention all day. I'll be able to present with confidence and use tips to keep the audience focused on "dry" material. The tips can be used immediately to elevate presentations.

–Sharon Nesbitt , Canada Border Services Agency

The Leadership Challenge

Very effective presentation! I don't think I have ever attended a course where I have rated all elements so high. The course was extremely balanced in format and content. I was impressed we were able to cover so much information in the 2 day seminar. I liked the amount of time we had for reflection on our own leadership style. I will be able to take the tools and use them to develop my leadership style.

–Natalie Masterton, Manager, Clinical Research, QLT Inc.

There are few people who "wouldn't" benefit from this course. Those few have either taken this training or are teaching it. I like the direction that this training is pushing us to!

–Darlene Hilden, Business Operations Director & Co-Owner, Papertech Inc.

The things I liked most are the framework of the course, the balance between group and individual exercises, the relevant videos to the course outline and the fact that it was informative and interactive. The thing I liked least that it's over! I can see that she loves what she does and is very good at it! Thank you for your positive nature!

–Darren Tressel, Opearations Manager, Papertech Inc.

Great ideas to use at work. Very clear facilitator. Has lots of knowledge.

–Francine Cousineau, General Manager, EaglePicher Inc.

Resource material was top notch! Well presented! Video examples were very engaging. It's clear that Bruna is very dedicated to this topic and willing to "go the extra mile" in preparing her workshops. Lots of "additional" information on slides was appreciated! Excellent quality of slides and handouts.

–Maureen Gilchrist, Edgemark Consulting Inc.

Best course I've taken in a long time. It's a rare thing when a course makes you think differently and this one has done that.

–Gina Arsens, Manager, Corporate Planning, Xantrex Technology

I would say that this workshop is a confidence booster and an energizer. Very professional. Very organized.

–Tom Tang, Manager, Supply Chain, Xantrex Technology

You are a marvelous inspiring speaker.

–Henry Witwicki, Senior Software Engineer, Xantrex Technology

Bruna is an exceptional program leader. She has a great ability to put each slide into everyday language and application. I appreciated the real life examples. This helped in applying the principles to my individual situations. I enjoyed the pace of the program. The subject matter was very inspirational and motivating.

–Shantelle Hampton, H.R. Advisor, Xantrex Technology

Awesome! Great wisdom and experience of facilitator. Very enthusiastic and genuine interest in helping people become better. Excellent stories, anecdotes. Cool group exercises. Excellent and interesting videos.

–Chris McCormack, Development Manager, Tectura Corporation

The workshop was very well structured. I enjoyed the videos and the stories that were told along with the course. I believe that using the videos and stories made the workshop even more enjoyable and will also help to remember various items in the course.

–Marcela Gavril, Medical Program Manager, EaglePicher Inc.

Lots of examples from real life. Bruna is a knowledgeable trainer. Good pacing throughout the day. Work presented based on solid research. Lots of tools. Mix of videos, workbook, exercises, handouts!

–Vera Radyo, Program Director, Success by 6

I liked the fast paced nature of the workshop, the variety of activities (video, group work, individual work). Bruna was great; inspiring, energetic, extremely well prepared. The course flows.

–Phyllis Bowman, ACL Services Ltd.

There was a good flow across the topics -- and the continued changes between lecture, participation, videos, etc. kept it very interesting and entertaining. Bruna was excellent. She was engaging, educated, entertaining. She was very good at teaching the material and keeping the course fun and educational.

–Lionel Haims, Team Leader, Convedia Corporation

I found the feedback from managers and direct reports plus the practical guidelines from videos and stories very helpful to get us started in the right direction. Bruna is very knowledgeable in subject matter and takes a personal interest in seeing that we succeed.

–Bon Marasigan, ACL Services, Director of I.S.

Material was very good. The program leader was helpful and very inspiring.

–Lyne Cantin, Manager, Clinical Research, QLT Inc.

Great examples in each category. Bruna is very knowledgeable, clear and easy to listen to.

–Dawn McKenna, Director, Finance & Administration, Down Syndrome Research Foundation

Superior! Better than most workshops I've attended. Bruna was excellent! She kept the room focused and energized.

–Rob McGarry, Senior Manager, Nokia

Exceptional. One of the best workshops I have attended. I have a plan coming away that I will start on right away. I found most beneficial the module on innovation. Bruna was great and energetic.

–Chris McKellar, Manufacturing Manager, Starfish Medical

Thank you for facilitating this workshop. You were amazing. It helped me to understand my strengths and areas for improvement. I now know the direction I want to go.

–Vijay Ranganathan, Project Manager, Inventure Solutions

This workshop has impacted me in a great way: new tools and approaches. The instrument has given me information to create a better leader out of me and others. Bruna was great - energetic, motivated and passionate about everything, especially the group.

–Roger Cavalca, Manager, Customer Support Analysts, MDSI Inc.

I had the great privilege to meet Bruna when we were both exploring leadership development models and the strategies to implement them. We spent time together practicing and honing our expertise in The Leadership Challenge. At the time, I was certified as a Master Facilitator and was conducting a certification program that Bruna attended. You only need to look at her great body of work to know that the real master was Bruna. She understands leadership and grows the number of leaders through her exceptional communication skills. I am proud to be her friend and indebted to be her student.

–Michael Neiss, Owner, Michael T. Neiss & Associates

This workshop gave me ideas that I can use right away and tools that can help the implementation of ideas.

–Richard Loo, Manager, MDSI Inc.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

I was very inspired and thankful for this opportunity to meet Bruna – so very dynamic and thought provoking. I feel inspired to be a better person.

–Susan Elias, Manager SSA, First Calgary Savings

Thank you very much for delivering such an inspiring "experience". You are a very real facilitator who obviously has a passion for this. I enjoyed the video clips, the materials, and quotes throughout. I enjoyed the science behind emotional intelligence and the many techniques and tips that I will apply not only in my professional life but also in my personal life.

–Sheema Cote, Personal Bank Manager, First Calgary Savings

I think all leaders of the company and the executive leaders should come to this workshop facilitated by Bruna. She was one of the best facilitators I have had. Her humour was hilarious and so unexpected and fit everywhere it was used. She knew her topic expertly and kept it lively and very interesting throughout two very pleasurable days, with lots of practical ideas.

–Kelly Hogan, Branch Manager, First Calgary Savings

Bruna brought out the best in us. She is dynamic and extremely easy to relate to. The very best facilitator I've experienced in a long time. This course was the most useful and practical I have had the privilege of attending in the past few years. Bruna, you are wonderful and you have improved me! I appreciate you.

–Nick Fakas, Branch Manager, First Calgary Savings

Excellent. All of our EMT, branch managers, VPs etc. need to attend.

–Joanne Loach, Branch Manager, First Calgary Savings

Bruna is fantastic! Knowledgeable, gave great examples and had many applicable resources and tips. Should be taken by all managers and executives as she speaks to all levels. Thank you for a wonderful session!

–Beverly Binning, Manager, ED, First Calgary Savings

Great examples. One of the best speakers I've ever heard. Great interaction and engagement.

–Ontario Centres for Excellence - rated presentation 5.4 out of 6

Great examples and very good delivery. We found it very interesting. Interactive, like cultural presentation, something we can definitely utilize.

–Knowledge Transfer Program (United Kingdom) - rated presentation 6 out 6.

Entertaining and informative. Lots of interaction, focus on non-technical issues that are not talked about often enough. Great stuff. Very professional and dynamic presenter, excellent way to demonstrate key concepts. Inspirng for participation, very informative, excellent presentation skills.

–Technology Commercialization Internship Program - rated presentation 5.9 out 6

This has been "the best" I have taken with MOST.  Bruna is excellent and extremely knowledgeable. She is authentic, caring and excllent workshop leader! I hope to see this workshop again so that I can refer my colleagues.

–Liz Andrichuk, Medicine Faculty, Dean's Office Undergraduate Education, University of British Columbia.

Bruna is a true asset in the EQ development of individuals and teams. I highly recommend her services to any organization seeking to bring an emotional intelligence program to their teams. This was by far the best investment I made in my personal development and the development of the team.

–Mark Ahrens-Townsend, President & CEO, Norsat International Inc.

It was the most uplifting workshop I've attended!

–Junko M. El Leron, BCIT

Every aspect of this workshop is very valuable, not only for the workplace but for our perosnal life as well.

–Jannette Davison, BCIT

Great confidence builder and motivator!

–Yoko Takei, BCIT

Excellent facilitator.  She has a lot to share and she made me more self-aware.  Allison Boisvert, BCIT

Excellent course.  Will really help me identify my strenghts and work on my weaknesses.

–Melissa Seager, BCIT

What you do is amazing!

–T. McCook, BCIT

You are an excellent facilitator, Bruna - very well informed and engaging! The team assessment and the individual assessments were very interesting and informative. I liked all the materials - videos and stories were very relevant and useful.  Never a dull moment. 

–Yolanda Gonzales, Manager, Finance, University of British Columbia

Great insights into self and group - understanding the "whats" and "hows" of our interactivity.  Great course, truly enjoyed it.

–Michael Thorson, Director Infrastructure, University of British Columbia

Your ability to engage the group for an entire day was amazing! I never had a whole day retreat where I was totally in the zone the whole time!

–Catherine Chick, Director, Project Management Office, University of British Columbia

Thank you for an outstanding and engaging workshop!

–Jens Haeusser, Director, Strategy, University of British Columbia

You did a terrific job in covering a lot of material - you left a great impression!

–Dave Fraser, Director, Partnering, University of British Columbia

Lots of take aways and additional resources  to digest and use.  Well done!  I really enjoyed the "energizing exercises", the dialogue and videos.  Thank you!

–Wes Shaw, Director, Applications, University of British Columbia

You were bang-on on what we were looking for - and fantastic as I knew you would be from other courses.  Very proud of you as a "BC" citizen and what you contribute to the world.

–Mary Look, Office of the CIO, University of British Columbia

Very organized and structured - thorough - very leading edge material. Very knowledgeable. Liked every minute!

–Bill Archibald

Everything was great! Bring her back!

–Farhad Ebrahimi

One of the most interesting PDP Sessions!

–Harvey Du

Excellent! A lot of good material. Bruna was perfect. She kept the day running nicely, used humour effectively and was very engaging. Inspirational really. I loved the clips and videos.

–Betty Gilgoff

Great! Very organized and efficient with time, variety and special touches very appreciated. Handouts were excellent. Really appreciated getting the Self-Science book.

–Karen Rushton

Bruna was great at keeping it practical.

–Doyle Smiens

This workshop was everything I expected and more. So much material, we could have spent a week! I appreciated the variety of expertise, resources, as well as the materials and book included. Well worth the cost!

–Joanne Nemeth

Bruna was excellent in creating a non-threatening environment among total strangers.

–Shirley Frykberg


This workshop brought a scientific approach to human relations and gave us tools and 'how to' methods for improving teamwork.

–Serge Gryb , McKesson Medical Imaging

Bruna is an excellent facilitator.  This is the second workshop I have attended with her, and her wealth of knowlegge is amazing.  Her delivery and activities help you absorb more and make the workshop more interesting.

–Cristene Gonzales, McKesson Medical Imaging

I loved this workshop!  It was fun and extremely useful.  I will use this knowledge in other aspects of my life. 

–Fariba Ahmadianyazdi, McKesson Medical Imaging

You are an excellent teacher and leader.  Your honesty about your strengths and weaknesses puts all types at ease from the moment we walked in.

–Angela Budy, McKesson Medical Imaging

This was a great eye opener to how you can communicate better with your co-workers and how to address them in stressful situations.

–My, McKesson Medical Imaging

Thank you for this great workshop.  I have learned much and got a lot of answers about myself and about how others think or react and why.

–Simona Doaga, McKesson Medical Imaging

Thank you for the wonderful work you did with our staff.  They received a lot of insight and value!

–Gary Jasper, Envision Financial

This was an exceptional workshop.  Very useful and interesting.

–Clara Soyris, University of British Columbia

Bruna administered the Meyers Briggs personality test to each member of my family. The results were amazingly accurate in assessing our personality, and learning the why's and wherefores of each of us was incredibly illuminating. I wish I had had this insight when my sons were younger. It quite possibly would have made navigating through their teenage years less of a mystery. On a personal level, it was very enlightening to me to discover the reason for some of my own personal strengths and areas for development. I would highly recommend this process to families and can't think of anyone better able to administer it than Bruna. She is skilled, professional, kind and warm. An hour spent with Bruna is truly enjoyable, revealing and a real self-discovery adventure.

–John B. Haley, CA., J. B. Haley and Associates

I found the Myers-Briggs evaluation provided to me by Bruna Martinuzzi to be a useful process in the business environment. In my role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, I interact with a variety of people and personality types on a daily basis, and benefit greatly if I can more easily convey my message clearly. I expect to be able to continue to use the lessons learned from the Myers-Briggs evaluation throughout my career and personal life.

–Lindsay Ryerson

Bruna has coached me through numerous management and leadership challenges. She has a talent for knowing the right questions to ask, and for framing difficult issues into the needed perspective.

–Sean Munro , Director of Operations, PCsupport.com.

Other Presentations

It was an excellent session — many participants responded to me that they gained lots of useful tips and techniques that they could apply in both their personal lives and back at the office. Your presentation style was also extremely effective — a great combination of presentation of leading-edge material, as well as gauging your audience well and involving them.

–Allison Rutherford, Executive Director, High Tech Exchange

Mrs. Martinuzzi is top notch in her ability to "connect" with her audience and imbue them with the essence of her training goals. With my 30 years of leadership training during my career as a Naval Aviator, I fully appreciate the talents required to distill the material and tailor the presentation to the audience. Informative, action oriented and even entertaining, Mrs. Martinuzzi's style of presentation was simply superb.

–Captain Pat W. Cooper

Great course! Excellent presenter! Thoroughly enjoyable!

–Georgia Montgomery, University of Northern B.C.

This course was very creative and helpful. Excellent course.

–Aneta Ferguson, University of Northern B.C.

A very well done course. Good materials to reference later.

–Lloyd Quinlan, Bell Distribution Canada

Bruna's delivery is synonymous with vibrancy!

–Hilary Leighton, Executive & Business Program Coordinator, UNBC

This is a structured and very well presented course. I came away from this session with a very practical tool, one that I will be able to use to coach my team. You are an exceptional facilitator!

–Michael Borgford, Director Open Networks, Novra Technologies Inc.

This is a very, very good course! I learned so much.

–Mike McDonald, Nosat International Inc.

I found Bruna Martinuzzi to be an outstanding coach –she often helped me view an issue from a 360-degree perspective. She brought many innovative tools to her coaching process, including Emotional Intelligence, the Six Thinking Hats and Cognitive Restructuring skills. I would recommend Bruna as a coach to any executive looking for an experienced professional to give them a strategic advantage.

–Mike Heaven, General Manager, Paper Tech Inc.

The coaching experience with Bruna changed my life. Bruna's coaching sessions gave me a better understanding of myself and a direction that will enable me to live the life I want to live. My mission statement will be in my mind and in my daily life forever. Thank you, Bruna. Words cannot even express what your sessions have done for me.

–Vicki Lloyd, Manager of Human Resources, Pro-face INDE Electronics

I had coaching in the past and one of my complaints was that there were no exercises or questions to draw out my creative abilities and focus on my areas of strength. Bruna started off with a 100 question exercise that required me to evaluate where I was in my life both personally and professionally. Bruna is caring and focused on moving her clients forward. She uses very direct questioning and is a great listener. Her life's experience gives her many different views of different situations and she brings depth to each and every coaching session. Thank you, Bruna, for your caring and frank discussions.

–J.Oulton, President, DJ's Designer

Since taking on a senior management role, Bruna's coaching has helped me to remain focused on what was most important for the success of my portfolio responsibilities, my team and my personal pursuits. She has helped me to rise above the playing field and reach a new level of confidence inspired leadership. Bruna's warm-hearted passion for helping people realize and exploit their strengths and her sixth-sense understanding of human behavior and interaction makes her an invaluable coach. Bruna: you are a recharge for the soul.

––C. McCormack, Director of Product Marketing, Tectura Corporation