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Present with Power

"Great value. All material was pertinent to the subject matter. No stone was left unturned and great participatory flow. 8 hours seemed like 4 ."

–Paul Pederzini, Senior Branch Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

"Excellent workshop! As the facilitator was an excellent presenter, I was able to learn by example."

–Dr. David Parker, Director of Molecular Biology, Neuromed

"This course was well varied and really held my attention. Bruna really led by example and I was able to absorb the lessons throughout the day. It was a pleasant surprise to learn so much."

–Murray Thom, Research Engineer, D-Wave Systems Inc.

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This workshop goes beyond the basics of presenting to help you speak with executive presence. It will give you the techniques, strategies, and tools that will take your presentation skills from ordinary to extraordinary.


  • Show leadership presence in the room as a speaker
  • Move away from "presenter mode" and speak naturally and authentically
  • Know how to structure your presentation so that you stay on message
  • Discover new ways to design dynamic, "up to date" slides that enhance your meaning
  • Acquire techniques for making technical presentations more engaging
  • Gain tips on how to show statistics in an interesting way
  • Learn techniques for helping people remember what you say
  • Use powerful persuasive principles to influence your audience's thoughts and actions
  • Know the special requirements for presenting to C-Level executives
  • Learn best practices for delivering engaging and participative virtual presentations
  • Learn a process for giving assertive answers to tough questions
  • Adjust speaking behaviors to boost your credibility
  • Project confidence through sustained eye contact, movement, pausing and body language
  • Use the HBCA model for opening your presentation with dynamism and credibility
  • Develop dynamic conclusions that are effective and memorable
  • Know how to manage your presentation anxiety once and for all

Workshop includes:

  • Video taping of your presentations. Participants get an opportunity to practice their newly-learned skills on camera
  • Frequent, progressive practice and feedback throughout the day
  • Viewing of videos and other experiential activities
  • A professional critique of your PowerPoint slides (participants send slide deck prior to the workshop)
  • A copy of Presenting with Credibility: Practical Tools and Techniques For Effective Presentations

This workshop is customized to meet your specific objectives. We don't believe in "off the shelf" presentation skills training and we work with you to meet your specific needs. Powerful presentations need a clearly identified objective, a succinct central message, a strategy for designing your presentation, an understanding of how to create powerful visuals that support rather than detract from your message, and preparation and practice. Different speaking events require different strategies. Depending on your needs, we can structure a one or two-day workshop. We also offer 1/2 day versions.

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From Inform to Inspire: Leadership Presentations

"I enjoyed the opportunity to work with a great instructor and a wonderful group of like-minded people. Bruna's knowledge is outstanding. Also her ability to demonstrate the skills through her own presentation is inspiring. This workshop has given me much greater awareness of the ability that we have to make a real difference to our own staff and clients."

–Brian Kipp, President, SDS Software

"This is a great course. Amazing, useful from minute one! It will help you to improve your skill from the moment she starts talking. And you won't forget the material because of the way it is presented. I got a lot of tactical tips that I want to implement immediately. I know it will improve my leadership skills right away."

–Tatiana Ospina, MICROSOFT, Madrid

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This course will deepen your leadership presence as a speaker and amplify your key messages. You are rarely there to just deliver information. If this were the case, we could simply email a report or a set of text-dense, bullet-ridden slides. Facts alone rarely inspire. Years of research has proven that to reach hearts and minds, we need to go beyond delivering the data alone. This course will help you understand the key elements for inspiring others and persuading them. You will walk away with a tool kit that will change for good the way you present key messages.


  • Use the most powerful shortcuts to meaning
    Learn how to develop powerful metaphors and symbols that grab attention
    Craft analogies that clarify your message
  • Get them to lean in
    Stories are the Velcro that makes the message stick
    Learn the building blocks of good business storytelling
  • Move away from Teflon-type communication
    The emotional connection opens a pipeline of trust
    Know how to get the audience to care
    Let them see the person behind the title
  • Make the facts more interesting
    Make the data visually engaging
    Show statistics in an interesting way
    Ditch the text and visualize your important story
    and much more!
  • Use a leadership communication framework
    Move from the "what" and "now what" to the "so what"
    Practice a powerful leadership communication framework


1 day and 2 day versions. Also available as a half-day or keynote.

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