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Bruna Martinuzzi

President, Clarion Enterprises Ltd.

Presentation Skills Training and Leadership Communication

Since its founding in 2004, Clarion Enterprises Ltd. has become one of today's most trusted training firms, specializing in public speaking, presentation skills training, and leadership communication coaching.

Based in Vancouver, Bruna is helping clients around the world achieve specific objectives through tailored, hands-on presentation skills training programs, and customized workshops. From C-level executives, to managers, to engineering and science professionals, our programs address your presentation skills training needs and communication challenges. We help you present with power, grace, and confidence.

Our Client Feedback

“This is a great course. Amazing, useful from minute one! It will help you to improve your skill from the moment she starts talking. And you won't forget the material because of the way it is presented. I got a lot of tactical tips that I want to implement immediately. I know it will improve my leadership skills right away.”

Tatiana Ospina, Microsoft Madrid

“Bruna has a terrific rapport with people. She's first class. A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable course and I leave having learned a lot.”

Orla Cunningham, Microsoft Ireland

“Bruna was a very energetic leader, with a strong knowledge, experience and professionalism that she showed us. It has been a pleasure having her as a program leader at our conference and I would recommend her anytime.”

Laurent Danican, Microsoft France

“Amazing seminar, best I have ever been so far. Thank you. Great presenter, demonstrated theory in practice.”

Antonis Plataniotis, Microsoft Greece

“Bruna is a very experienced coach and I feel her energy when she talks about the material. Business acumen! Best facilitator in this series.”

Peng Huang, Microsoft China

“A fantastic experience I recommend to any manager! She did a great job in teaching the large body of material and making the points stick.”

Ch. Schaetz, Microsoft

“This was the best course I have participated in. Bruna was an excellent leader. She kept us involved and engaged.”

Todd Young, Microsoft, Seattle

“This is most certainly the most powerful training I've ever attended. Bruna was superb - totally focused - literate - constantly kept it fresh and fun.”

John Gudmundson, Director, Fortinet

“Exceptional workshop. Bruna is a great facilitator, very engaged, genuine and energetic. Great examples, multi-media, wasn't bored.”

Melissa McRae, Director, Simon Fraser MBA Program

“A wonderful session.  It was so well received from our group that the buzz is still traveling throughout our facilities. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

Balkiz Sarihan, VP, Organizational Development, Acrohelipro

“Your session was the #1 rated breakout session. Congrats! (BC HRMA 2012 Conference) ”

Quinne Davey, Business Development Project Manager

“ If you want to improve your confidence in the area of public speaking, I highly recommend attending this course. Bruna has a wonderful, warm and energetic approach. Everyone benefited greatly from the time spent in this class.”

Kevin O'Rourke, Vice President, Westminster Savings Credit Union

“This was a great and valuable use of my time!”

Diane Alfredson, Senior Branch Manager, Westminster Savings Credit Union

Satisfied Clients

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